Who’s Laird Ryan States?

Who Am I

I’m actually just named Ryan States. I bought a Scottish Lairdship to help support forest conservation. I use the title as a pen name so that people can Google me without just finding a bunch of crap that Paul Ryan said to reporters. When your name is a simple declarative sentence, it’s hard out there on the information highway.

I’m a writer, obviously, but I’m also a corporate trainer for a utility company, and an actor.

I was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1971. I spent my first twenty years or so in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and then moved to Edmonton, Alberta to get a job that didn’t involve working graveyard shifts.

I live with my platonic life partner, another writer, Gayleen Froese. I also live with three dogs, and a bunch of reptiles. I’m very fond of all of them, including Gayleen.

I’ve self published two books, which you can find on this website, and I’m just about to publish my third, a novel, Sleeping Underwater, with Coffin Hop Press

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