Who’s Laird Ryan States?

Who Am I

I’m actually just named Ryan States. I bought a Scottish Lairdship to help support forest conservation. I use the title as a pen name so that people can Google me without just finding a bunch of crap that Paul Ryan said to reporters. When your name is a simple declarative sentence, it’s hard out there on the information highway.

I’m a writer, obviously, but I’m also a corporate trainer for a utility company, and an actor.

I was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1971. I spent my first twenty years or so in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and then moved to Edmonton, Alberta to get a job that didn’t involve working graveyard shifts.

I live with my platonic life partner, novelist Gayleen Froese. I also live with three dogs, and a bunch of reptiles. I’m very fond of all of them, including Gayleen.

I’ve self published two books, which you can find on this website. I also have a novel, Sleeping Underwater, currently published by The Seventh Terrace.

They’ll also be publishing my short novel Somebody Else’s Story in the summer of 2023.